Sunday, June 20, 2010

Exchange students join the soccer fever in Brazil

Exchange students are cheering for Brazil and U.S.A. teams. They talk about the unique experience of watching the games in the only country that has won the World Cup five times.

Sabina Diaz (second from left) celebrates Brazil's victory with her classmates at UNIFEI last Sunday. Brazil beat Ivory Coast 3-1.
"Watching the world cup in Brazil is exciting. Every time Brazil plays the entire city of Itajuba stops! Everyone is at home watching the game with friends. I especially love seeing the entire city and people with Brazilian flags". Sabina Diaz, SJSU student

"The streets and plazas are filled with people of all ages on the days Brazil plays in the world cup. I have really never seen anything like it before. You can't go outside without seeing a Brazilian flag flying off of a balcony, out a window, or strapped to car. Brazil really does stop for 1 hour and 30 minutes during Brazil's game. If a store IS open, because most are closed, they are watching the game in the store" Greg Hedling, WV student
Students Greg Hedling and Matt Garcia soccer playing-acting during a visit to Rio de Janeiro.
"No sporting event in the U.S. compares to a Brazilian national team soccer match. At first I found myself confused by the amount of emotion and passion Brazilian people have for the world cup, but when the second and third goal came I was jumping and screaming along with everyone else. Best of all was not the game itself, it was the celebration afterwards that lasted for hours. Everyone in the street dancing united to celebrate a victory of the Brazilian national team", Brian Ornelas, WV student

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