Friday, January 28, 2011

California & Brazil program: Thanks! Obrigada!

Big thanks to all students, staff, faculty and administrators who made the California-Brazil Business & Education Consortium a success!
Although our program was concluded in 2010, all partner institutions continue to communicate and collaborate. Recently SJSU hosted UNIFEI’s Computer Engineering student Helder Dias who is now interning at Analog Devices.
"I am glad to have the opportunity to intern at Analog Devices after the completion of my studies at SJSU. Since my major is computer engineering, the experience of working in a major hardware company in the Silicon Valley is definitely very important for my professional career. At ADI, I work for the Power Management Team contributing to the development of digital power management products. Although ADI is primarily a hardware company, I am currently involved with the development of software to interface with digital power management products in order to help in improving the customer's experience while programming these products.
I am very happy to have had the chance to take part in this exchange program, because it had a positive impact in my life in a lot of different ways. This internship will certainly help me get a good job after I graduate." Heder Dias

We thank Analog Devices and all companies - both in California and Brazil - who opened their doors to our students! Muito obrigada!