Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Spring, three Californian students attended classes in Brazil. Jessica Hartsell and Emerald Agpaoa traveled to Manaus in January of 2009. “There’s nothing I’d rather be doing this semester than going to school in Manaus, witnessing the growth of an emerging country and how they’re implementing knowledge into the next generation”, said Emerald. The students also had a chance to see the rainforest, make friends and get to know the region and culture.

In the picture: WV students Jessica Hartsell and Emerald Agpaoa on a trip to see the waterfalls in the Amazon rainforest, March 2009

"It's been a life changing experience for students from both countries", says Margarise Correa, Program Manager of the Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development. "Brazil has the largest economy in South America and the U.S. is the major trading partner. By living in the country, students learn the local business culture which is very important since most of Fortune 500 companies operate in there and experts say Brazil, along with India, China and Russia, will be tomorrow's superpowers."

Brazilian students at Apple with company's Sr. System Integrator Carlos Ribas, Sep 2007.

Students at Intel, Oct 2008 (above), and at the CA Senate Office of Intl. Relations, Dec 2007 (on the left)

Students with Brazilian scientists and engineers at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Sep 2007

The commitment of all partner institutions is the essence of the program success. Faculty, staff and administrators from both regions are highly engaged in the program, working closely to support students to make the most of this experience.
Exchange students with WV and SJSU faculty, staff and administrators on Sep 2007 and on Dec 2008

Business & Academic Events

Some of exchange students parents work at Silicon Valley companies and have shared their knowledge during bi-lateral activities.

Last April, Katherine Hartsell, mother of WV student Jessica Hartsell, went to Manaus to visit Jessica and to give two presentations at partner university FUCAPI. Katherine is a Director in the External Research Office of Sun Microsystems and spoke to students and local small businesses about free software downloads, internships and what might be involved in getting an internship or employment upon graduation either in Brazil or the US, and Computer Sciences students online social clubs around the globe.
Thank you, Katherine