Monday, May 31, 2010

CA students visit companies in Minas Gerais

The State of Minas Gerais has a territory greater than France’s or Spain’s. The university network partners with several technology centers supported by the federation of industries training high level professionals to supply industry demands in all sectors.
The region known as the “Valley of Electronics” has 120 companies, generating seven thousand jobs, manufacturing over five thousand different products in Telecommunications, IT and Industry Automation Most professionals in the region are educated and trained at UNIFEI, Federal University of Itajuba and INATEL, National Institute of Telecommunications, where our exchange students are taking classes. In the last three months they have participated in a series of visits to local companies.

SJSU student Sabina Diaz and West Valley students Matt Garcia and Rashel Alexin in a visit to the Center for Technological and Social Development, and Teletronix, a telecom equipment manufacture.

In the picture, students Matt, Sabina and Rashel are accompanied by Danyela Macedo, from INATEl, and Jeferson Ferreira, Portuguese instructor.

Students also met with Roberto de Souza Pinto, President of SINDVEL, Association of Industries of Santa Rita do Sapucai. They had aconversation about the differences between doing business in Brazil and CA.

On the right, studens Sabina, Rashel and Matt with SINDVEL President Roberto de Souza Pinto. On the left, Jeferson Ferreira, Matt Garcia, Rashel Alexin, Roberto S. Pinto, Sabina Diaz, Dany Macedo and Paulo Waki.