Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life in Brazil

Our exchange students are fully engaged in their classes, internships and life in Brazil.

"Itajubá is a wonderful city to live in. I am learning many new things and meeting a lot of people at school, and work. Life here is very relaxing and different from any place I have ever been too! Everyone here is very friendly and helpful." Sabina Diaz, SJSU student

"My schedule is busy but doable. I have 5 classes which include, Philosophy, Statistics, Entrepreneurship, Portuguese, and one online class that I'm taking at West Valley College. The classes are really difficult due to the language, but it is getting easier to understand everyday. Whenever I have any question or challenges, the students and teachers are very helpful. I feel really lucky with my internship. I was chosen to work at a video game startup called KeePlay, that makes educational games for children. So far they have had me doing translations and research. I am only working 12 hours a week but I enjoy working there." Matt Garcia, WVC student

Matt, on the right, at KeePlay with colleagues Ariel and Paula.

WVC student Brian Ornelas is attending classes at FUCAPI, in Manaus, Amazonas. He's been visiting local companies and participating in special activities such as a presentation about the exchange program and the study abroad experience. He was joined by FUCAPI staff along with Silvia Moreira dos Santos, who attended WVC last year.

From left, FUCAPI professor Euler Guimaraes, students Silvia M. dos Santos and Brian Ornelas and Ivna Braga, FUCAPI exchange program coordinator.
Brian visited a jewelry manufacture in Manaus that uses sustainable materials such as seeds, fish skin and natural fiber. Brian was hosted by manager Elizeu Souza and Rita Prossi, designer and owner (on the left).
On the photo on the right, Brian is at the laptop manufacture Positivo, where he was accompanied by professor Euler Guimaraes, Maria Leula Nogueira, Quality Control manager and Ivna Braga, FUCAPI coordinator.