Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exchange students received a warm welcome from West Valley College and San Jose State University administrators and faculty.
The program committee has selected five students who will travel to Brazil on February 2010 to attend the Fall semester at partner universities in Minas Gerais and Amazonas.
West Valley College president, Dr. Lori Gaskin, congratulated the Spring 2010 exchange students, along with college's staff and faculty.
From right: WV student Matt Garcia; Lance Shoemaker, Business Instructor and Academic Senate President; Dr, Lori Gaskin, WVC President; Bernie Weiss, Director, SV-CITD; student Rashel Alexim; Fred Prochaska, Dean, Career Programs and Workforce Development; student Brian Ornelas and Margarise Correa, Program Manager
Brazilian students Igor Campos and Juliano F. da Silva with SJSU professor Michael Conniff, Director, Global Studies, and Margarise Correa, Program Manager